Thursday, January 12, 2012


Once again, it's time for Alphabe-Thursday with Jenny Matlock, and todays letter is "H" ... one heck of a letter don'tcha think?  I am behind this round, i didn't start until last week, but i do want to catch up and complete this round, I really missed doing it last round ... so look for A - F soon!  and oh, in case you are wondering, i had themes the last two rounds ... and this round is also a theme ... it's words that just resonate with me somehow or in some way.

This happened way back when .... when my daughter was about 3ish.  It was Grandpa's birthday ... I had dressed my wee girl up, shiny black patten Mary Jane's, white tights and a big flouncy blue dress and a blue bow on her crimped hair ... Grandpa was sitting in the family room, and when my daughter saw him she ran racing to him at full speed ... she stopped right in front of him and with the most enthusiasm i had seen in her she said a very loud "Happy to You!!!" ... She then clambered onto Grandpa's knee as we all kind of stood around laughing merrily!  It was so cute and funny as in her enthusiasm she had forgotten the word "Birthday."

Years later, the little quote "Happy to you" by my daughter, has become a family standard.  And every time my daughter says it to someone I can easily recall that scene of almost 20 years ago and it always makes me happy ... yes always!!!

Recently we had a "happy to you" moment ... just see the pictures below!  This moment made me so very happy ... it was a blast and I felt like a kid again.

awe, yes ... a carousel ride ... what a wonderful "happy!"
this is a wooden 1912 C.W. Parker carousel, fully restored and it is just gorgeous, and i am Happy on my favourite horse!
Hayley, riding Valiant, and trying to take pictures of me ... lol!
Vivienne, my favourite horse ... usually my daughter rides her, but this time I hopped on.

Valiant, directly ahead of Vivienne ... my daughter rode him this time.

I think this is Belle ...  isn't she a beauty?

and to complete the scene a 1925 fully restored Wurlitzer ... the tunes coming out of this could make even Scrooge happy!

My wish for all of you is a lifetime of "Happy to You's" ... Happy is such an amazing feeling ... so enjoy it, explore it and spread it around!
"Happy to you." ~ Hayley West

Jenny Matlock


Izzy said...

Love this! and I'm so thrilled to see photos of you on the carousel at Bby village museum... isn't it fabulous.

anitamombanita said...

Great little story and loved the photos to go with it. Happy to you too!

Steph said...

Oh, I love this word too. You told the story of your daughter and Grandpa so vividly, I feel like I was there. It's such a sweet phrase your family shares. Wonderful post. I think I would ride Belle.

Lady In Read said...

a Happy story.. and here is wishing many Happys to you as well..loved the photos..

Judie said...

Jo, your photos are WONDERFUL! I love carousels and that one is certainly beautiful, as are you, my friend!!


Nonna said...

Oh, my dear Jo, you made my day with your family story and the simply exhilarating photos of you all riding on the carousel.

My Daddy used to take us out on Sunday afternoons for a treat to eat, photos at the auto photo booth and to ride the beautiful carousel near the Griffith Park Zoo in LA. Thank you so much for rebooting my memories !

Kathy said...

What a Happy memory! I think Belle is my favourite! Great photos of you and Hayley!

Anonymous said...

A lovely Happy Thursday Alphabe.

p.s. Thank you for visiting my blog

Sue C said...

Another magical post - and it left me very Happy :)

Splendid Little Stars said...

I love "Happy to you!" What a wonderful saying!
The carousel is very cool. It's been a long while since I've ridden on one. I like the horses that go up and down.

Wanda said...

What a "happy" story. At our house we say "being have" (long a sound) when we mean "behaving". The problem is, we can't remember when or how it started. I'm glad you have the story behind your family's story.

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh, these pictures are amazing!!! How magical is a merry-go-round? XO Cindy

laterg8r said...

Anyone would smile on that Happy ride :D

Happy to you Jo :D

Jenny said...

I love seeing the happy picture of you on the carousel. What a lovely face and a lovely ride!

That phrase is wonderful. Wouldn't it be wonderful if that swept the nation...instead of, "Have a Nice Day!"

Thanks for the smile and this wonderful story.

Happy to you, sweet lady.