Tuesday, May 13, 2014

do you ever fall in love ....

with something you have made for a swap, or for someone else?  That's how i feel about this little swan.

I picked her up at an antiques market, though she looks to me more "vintage" than "antique".  And she was a wonderful price .... so how could i refuse!
I had entered into a pincushion swap at Mixed Media Artists Guild and had found a little mini tea cup to turn into a pincushion ... but as soon as i saw this swan, i put the tea cup aside and started on her!

She once was dusty and plain, but now she is  all decked out in satin fabric covered with a vintage style lace (i loved this lace, and would kill for more but Stampin Up no longer sells it .... grrrr ... okay ... enough of the rant) .... I also added some pink crocheted ribbon to the edge of the pin cushion, as well as some flowers and pretty little bits.

and the crown??? a wee tiny bit of crocheted ribbon, that i stiffened up with matte gel medium, and glittered with silver and sugar glitter.  The bling ... Swarovski crystals ... after all she is a princess ... right?

I also made the stick pins ... as soon as i saw the elephant i new it had to be part of her entourage ... as well as heart and floral pins ... and yes ... i used Swarovski, the good stuff!

I am entering her into the Ribbon Lace and Twine challenge over at Hoarders Anonymous Challenge Blog.  
As of tonight she will be off to parts unknown ... i hope that my swap partner loves her as much as i do!

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peace love and paper

Saturday, May 10, 2014

mini ATC's ... a delightful little swap

So .... I did another spring swap over at Vintage Dragonfly ... The time my swap partner was JoAnne of Vintage Dragonfly, and our fabulous swap hostess!

WE each made a little matchbox chest, which is two matchboxes joined and covered together.  We filled one of the drawers with little treasures and the other drawer contained 3 mini ATC's.

I loved doing the matchbox drawers, such fun ... the ATC's were a true challenge ... i have not worked on something so small before.   This is the box JoAnne sent to me ... it was a joy to open!
 and the little chest, with its matchbox drawers open ... look at how pretty her project is, i just love all of the bits that make this chest up!
 JoAnne sent me adorable mini ATC's and lots of sweet goodies!
 Even more goodies came with the chest, i will have lots of yummy things to play with!
This is the matchbox chest I sent JoAnne ...
 It's funny that we were both thinking of nests, but it was a spring swap and nothing says spring like a nest!
 I sent her some goodies to play with and a few Purdy's eggs to nibble on.
 and these are the ATC's i sent to her.

I have to say, this is one of my favourite swaps to day ... it was fun, tiny and challenging ...

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Peace love and paper

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


well i am trying something new .... i usually like paper related challenges ... something i can scrapbook or paint or ink or just get messy with.

Today (well 2 days ago actually) I am joining the #100happydays movement.  I have started an instagram account and I will be posting daily ... for 100 days ... things or bits or something that makes me happy in the day ....

in all actually there are tons of happy moments in my days ... i usually just don't pay attention to them ... maybe this way i will.

So check it out if you have time ... my instagram name is paper_play ...  come see what makes me happy! and if you dare .... join the fun ... all you do is post your happy moments for 100 days to your favourite social media sign.  Just click on this link to join!

Friday, May 2, 2014

a tisket, a tasket .... a little peat pot basket swap ...

it's true, it's been a while .... and i have learned a lot lately .... about life, about death and about how truly miraculous it is that we are even here at all ... we are stardust ... having a very human experience ...

but enough about that ...

I recently did a spring peat moss basket swap over at Vintage Dragonfly's swap group ... I must admit, i do love this little group of swappers, I have received some fabulous swaps with the people there ... It is a lovely group!  do check it out next time JoAnne posts a swap.

I was oh so lucky to have Sandi as a swap partner ... she sent me this fabulous little basket ... look at all of the vintage goodies, like the doily and the embroidery piece that covers the peat pot ...
 love the fluffy shiny stuffing, the vintage flowers, and those adorable eggs ... i love this little basket!

and in return I sent Sandi this little peat pot basket.
 I love making this basket ... total fun ....

So I thought maybe I should make one for my parents ....

 here's a little close up of the actual pot
 I was luck enough to find these little ceramic chicks at Michaels and a great discount .... oh how i wish there had been more then three, i was totally inspired by them ... This is the little basket I made for myself.
 and my daughter and I enjoyed it  ...

the bird crowns???  just a wee bit of Graphic45 paper, from the Sweet Sentiments line ... just used a border bunch on some scrap and added a wee bit of glitter ....

Thanks so much for visiting, 
I hope to catch up on your blogs very very soon!
peace, love and paper