Thursday, June 28, 2012

Enjoy Friends

As usual, I have one late post and one timely post ... I am in dire need of extra time ... I have had my nose buried in books lately and .... well you know how hard it is to put a good book down ...


Last Sunday was such and Enjoyable day!  I was treated to an Elegant afternoon Tea at the Hotel Vancouver with my dear friend Izzy!  It was actually in early celebration of my birthday, and Izzy surprised my with a book that covers topics near and dear to my heart ... entitled "Tea With Jane Austen" ... which could only lead to a discussion of Austen's novels, and that kind of narrowed down a giggley conversation about  Mr. Darcy (swoon), and how he makes our hearts skip a beat .... High Tea, giggles and visions of Colin Firth exiting a lake ... you bet it was an Enjoyable Tea!

I  have been very blessed to have so many wonderful close irl friends ... and I am equally blessed to have formed blogging friendships with some amazing people ...
I honestly do not know what I would do without my tried and true friends ... they help me through life's challenges and they know how to have fun and enjoy life's great moments.
I found this quote on friends, it speaks volumes, and I think, are words to always hold near.  I love the imagery in this quote ... picture it all ...

A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world.
Leo Buscaglia

How lonely our world would be without friends ...  I wish for a world of friends for everyone, so that no one has to suffer the life of Eleanor Rigby ... so that there are no lonely people ... and that everyone can get by with a little help from their friends ... (The Beatles will always be my favourite band) 

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Jenny Matlock

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Saturday Centus ~ The Whine

Late ... again ... and it's not that I have been procrastinating,(which is the usual cause of my lateness) ... I have been diligently writing my saturday centus posts ... I just have not felt like posting them ... and I'm not to sure why ... and lately I have been writing only conversations ... hmm, i wonder why?

So this week, I'm rejoining Jenny's meme and posting ... The prompt this .... actually last Saturday was "It's an amusing little whine"
That gives us 100 words plus the 5 prompt words ... here's my little offering.

“Oh Karen, it's an amusing little whine you are employing, but it won’t open my pocketbook.  You will have to come up with a much better approach than that.”

“But Mom, puuuullease “ the impatient little 6 year old cried.

“Karen, if you want something, just ask, but do it without whining.

“But Mom, I’m only six” the girl exaggerates.

“Honey, remember what I told you … what two things never go out of style?”

“Good manners and being polite” chirped Karen.

“That’s right my little sunshine, now ask your question again, and do it in style!”

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Jenny Matlock

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


no not the band ... they never were my faves ...

and definitely not the electrical current ... that scares me

instead, it's a catch up post ... surprise!!!

At this rate, I am beginning to wonder if i will ever post on time again .... sigh ...

I think we, or at least most of us, have been blessed with an abundance of so many things ... of life & love, friendship, creativity, happiness, and loads of other good things.
But do we all recognize how truly blessed we are?  We complain about the weather, the price of gas, the economy ... and the complaints are valid ... but... wouldn't it be much more fun, and much better for our health as a society if we considered how much abundance we have in our lives instead? and then shared that?
we can smile at a stranger, hold open doors, greet people while walking ... and in sharing our life (even in the smallest bit) we can enrich someone Else's ...
we can hug a friend, and share our hearts and our love ... it's in us all to give and share, so lets take the time to do that ... live as abundantly as possible ... share what we can with the world around us ...

Oh boy do i ever love to create ... in my mind, with my hands, with my keyboard ... i absolutely love to create something ... almost every day ... I swear that it elevates the mood, if one doesn't take it too seriously.  Creating to me, is not about perfection ... it is never about the "rules" ... its all about getting one's hands a little dirty, even metaphorically, and just setting free the mind to wander and do as it will! I know I don't have to encourage bloggers to create ... you do so every time you post a new entry ... i just want to encourage you all to keep at it and to colour without lines!

Judy, this one is for you my dear blogging friend ... Dressage, which is all referred to as "horse ballet"
Well so it turns out that the great would be leader, Mitt, has a horse that might be participating in the Olympics in the horse ballet events ... now here's a politician that's totally in touch with the common man ... lol!
also falling under the D category is Dolls ... gosh I love dolls!  I have been blessed to receive a few from friends.  The most recent, from my dear friend Izzy, who picked up this little beauty for me at a recent trip to a vintage fair.  I am totally delighted!!!

I found this little sign on Pinterest the other day ... I have adopted it as my new Mantra ...

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thanks for reading, peace love & paper,

Jenny Matlock

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday Centus ~ The walk

Here we are again, another Saturday, another prompt!  We are doing another photo prompt.  This photo is the entire photo from last weeks prompt.  My story does not work with this new prompt at all so I have written a new one and not a continuation.  I hope you enjoy!

She walked on the hard floor in her “too big” pair of gold sandals. 
“Baby”, her mom yelled from the sidelines,“you got no swagger, how the heck do you think you are going to win the ultimate grand supreme at the Miss Peach Pageant.  Now let me see those hips move, and look at the pretend judges and smile, that’s right baby, now purse your lips and blow them a kiss!”
She hated this, practicing every day and the heavy makeup that made her skin itch.  “I just want to go home and play with my puppy” she sighed.

What, me mock Pageants ???  Okay, now off with you all, and remember to click the Jenny button below to read some wonderful little stories all based on this photo prompt!

Jenny Matlock