Thursday, November 10, 2011

Remembrance 11:11 11/11/11

from the internet
At this time, on this hour, on this day, I will be remembering ... my Grandfather, for serving his new found home, Canada in WWI, my Great Uncle, for serving in that same war, and my Great Uncle's only child, an Air Force Pilot, who was shot down during WWII.

My Grandfather (standing) and his older brother, my Great Uncle.
I will be standing in the November cold remembering ... seems like such a small small price to pay for freedom ...

The Pin from my Grandfathers hat (see the photo above)

I thank an honour everyone who has in some way contributed to my freedom, who help defend our Nation, who help others defend their own Nations ... for all of the PeaceKeeping Missions ... for all of the lives lost and dramatically changed ... I wish you all peace ... and eternity of peace ....

My Grandfather joins the force.

You will never be forgotten you brave soldiers.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Amazing Giveaway!

You have to go visit my blogging buddy Lynn, at her fabulous blog Trash to Treasure Art.  If you have never visited, now is the time.  She is a brilliant artist ... she is so talented and inspiring in so many mediums ... there is always something fun to find!

Right now, Lynn is having a 3rd year blogaversary ... and the prizes are totally yummy ... so do stop by her blog, the more the merrier ... and hey, you don't want me to win everything do you???  lol!

 Lynn is giving away this fantastic etched brass and antiqued book with charms
 and this fabulous journal
 and this amazing rusted tin necklace (told ya she was uber talented)
 and a surprise

and a whole mess of stamps ....

so run, quick as you can and check out her blog, her giveaway ends on the 18th!

thanks for stopping by and good luck!