Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Centus ~ The Heat

Well Miss Jenny, is up to her usual tricks!  Instead of a word prompt, we have a visual prompt, it's the photo below, and  this week while we do get our 100 words ...  I didn't need anywhere that many to convey the short little story that popped into my head.

"Yes my son"

"What does Uncle write in his letter?"
"Oh your uncle writes that the weather is so hot in America that you can fry an egg on the sidewalk."

"Yes my son"

"What is a sidewalk?"

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Jenny Matlock

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

just something ...

I made, a while ago ...

I have to admit that i had a specific plan for these photos ... and i thought i knew just what i wanted to do

but somehow ... world events transpired, and filled me with a deep sorrow and sadness and despair ...

to take my mind off of my emotions i decided to scrap my planned layout

but my sense of loss took over ... and filled my page with something completely different ...

even as i reached for my pack of 7gypsies numbers, i pulled out a random number ... 11

sometimes the heart knows more than the mind ...

I was actually afraid to post this piece ... I don't know why, but I was ....

thanks for stopping by .... peace, love & paper y'all

Monday, July 25, 2011

When good dolls go bad ...

Seriously, I love dolls ... I still have my very first doll Brucey!  and i would one day love to have many many more beautiful dolls ...

... but not when they look like this ....

okay we were on a field trip to no where, which is a good place to be somedays and we went into an antiques place ... and they had dolls aplenty, but they were displayed in such awkward ways ...  and truthfully this was the only "antique" doll that we saw ... and in such sad repair, with unknown price tags, numbers no longer visible, stuck to her body ... she really does need some love ...

Dolls that look like they are being chocked by their carriage bars just don't do it for me ...  

 Either does this deadish lifeless looking doll ... i just wanted to pick her up, dust her off and sit her up straight ...  give her some much needed tlc

This is just a creepy doll ... I just could not get past his really white doll skin and his plastic hair ...

And this one .... somewhere in my mind i know that she is cute but from the angle i shot her she looks a little like she is about to come to life and chase me with a knife clutched in her plastic hands ...

Samara???    scary ... need i say more?

really, you can see by some of the dolls in the background that there was a lovely collection and that most of them were displayed nicely .... but these ones .... they just gave me the shivers!

Thanks so much for stopping by, i always enjoy your visits and comments!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Centus ~ The Kiss

Oh my gosh, Miss Jenny is being really tough on us this week.  We get a total of 15 words plus the prompt which is "before I die I want to" ... yeah .... so here is my little offering ... i came in right at the 15 words ... whew!!!

Before I die I want to kiss your cheek, hold your gentle hands and tell you I love you once again.

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Jenny Matlock

Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's that time again ...

Summer CHA 2011 .... all of the manufacturers are rolling out their new goodies and i have a few goodies on my wishlist ...

Nantucket, by Pink Paislee

I love the colour story ... this reminds me of the last days of summer, camp fires and smores on the beach, bike rides around the city ... beautiful ... this is my one must have!!!

ABC Primer, by Graphic 45

this is my second must!  This paper inspires me to scrap all of those school years photos of my daughter ... and hey, maybe even my school year photos!

Gorgeous flowers by Prima Marketing

not a must have, just a want ... but they are always so pricey ...

Tim Holtz

love love love this autumn inspired die ... i can see using it for so many things!!!

If I have any money left at the end of the year, this is what I hope to purchase ... oh so pretty and it will go perfectly with just about everything!!!

So what's on your wish list???  Halloween and Christmas goodies are all being released as well ... it's going to be fun shopping but more importantly playing, in the next couple of months!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wonderful Whites ...

Geez, I am a lucky girl sometimes!!!  I have received some wonderful happy mail lately and it's all kinda been white ... which is just so pretty!

First up, Thank you so much Victoria!  I won these beautiful white baubles during her blog giveaway at her blog, Things I learn from Bear.

I am showing them on my bear, which is strictly the "teddy" type ... hope on over to Victoria's blog to see her Bear ... a great big loveable dog!

I also received this beautiful white card from my friend Sue ... she has stitched a little "Honey" in gold thread!  And she filled the inside of this card with the most wonderful sentiment ... it really made my day, it was wonderful

oh yeah, and here's the real Honey, quite a good resemblance I say!

and finally a white, well off-white card from my friend Izzy ... isn't this just the prettiest card!

thanks so much Ladies!!!   I really am a lucky girl!

 peace love & paper to you all!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday Centus ~ The sign

Jenny is cutting us some slack this week ... no tricks ... nothing hidden up her sleeves, just a simple prompt, which is "and the sign read".  we get the standard 100 words plus the 4 prompt words, and this week i actually stuck to the rules with my little story coming in at 104 words total. So without further adieu ...

He fell through the layers of cloud, spreading his arms out wishing he had wings.  Bursting through the cloud cover he was astonished by the colours in the sky … the sunset colours so brilliant and bright.  Even as he fell he wished he could touch and taste the intermingling layers of purples and reds and golden oranges.  

Landing was softness, almost as if he was without weight and substance. His eyes were directed towards a sparrow sitting on a sign.  The bird began to dance and the sign read sonnets, written on the long blades of summer grass, by generations of glasswing butterflies.

yeah ... betcha didn't see that coming!  Now, if you want to read some amazing shorts, just click the button below, you will be in for a treat!

Jenny Matlock

Thursday, July 7, 2011

playing along ...

I  thought i would play along with Creative Scrappers.  If you have never been to this site before, it is the home of some great "sketch" designers as well as some amazing scrappers!  I have spent a lot of time on this site but this is the first time i am actually posting a layout i created from one of their sketches.

Here is the sketch ... I love the patchwork feel of this layout ... and i always enjoy the simplicity and clean lines of a grid type sketch.

And this is my interpretation of the sketch ... i usually don't do brights, but i loved the vibrant colours of these papers and they worked so well with the graffiti background in the photo.

and here is some detail ... i wanted to add the stars as in the sketch, but i also wanted a bit of softness, so i added a few premade fabric flowers!

thanks so much for stopping by and taking a peek!

peace love & paper< Jo

Monday, July 4, 2011

just playing ...

... cuz i want to!  just making little bits of stuff and playing with paint ...
 cuz this is how i often feel

 cuz messing with stuff makes me happy

cuz i love white, and layers of white ...

thanks for stopping by .... peace love & paper!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday Centus ~ The Flag

well, Jenny has finally completely and utterly stumped me with this weeks prompt, which is ... "Oh, say can you see" ... I have been wracking my brains all day trying to think of something to write without going the patriotic route ... hello, i'm a Canadian ... In vain I have struggled ... okay Mr. Darcy actually said that ... but that is how i feel  ... utterly frustrated and falling in love with another country ...

So there is nothing this week, except my admission that i do love the grand old USA, but not as much as i love CANADA ... well, okay the shopping is much better stateside ... but hey, we have hockey  err, Canadian style football ... yeah just try and beat us at Canadian Football!  And we have a whole lot of land ...more than America ... however you wouldn't want to live in most of it, its up north and it's cold up there.

Now, if you want to read real Centus entries that are only 100 words ... (my little rant is almost double the limit)  just click on Jenny's button below.  And no matter how you celebrate, do take time to celebrate ... we North Americans live in two of the best countries in the world.

Peace, love & paper y'all!

Jenny Matlock