Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday Centus ~ The Dark

well Jenny has played a trick on us ... and a nasty one at that ... we have 25 words ... yes just a 25.  And the prompt is a picture.

Do not adjust your screens, that is the picture, just that wall of black... here is my take on it all ...

When I close my eyes
The world does not fade to black
It comes forward in micro splashes of light and colour
Dismantling the dark.

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Have a wonderful halloween weekend!!!

Jenny Matlock

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Autumn Sunshine

oh Autumn ... the most colourful of seasons ... filled with sharp contrasts, bright sun, or grey rain .... orange and red leaves against a pale blue sky ... a season of gratitude, thoughtfulness, feathering the nest for the long winter ahead ...

But if you are a 4 1/2 pound dog it means one thing and only one thing ....

No one is in the tennis courts!!!  on this mountainside community that means running free without fear of attack by coyotes, owls, raccoons and other creatures of the forest ...  

It means running full out with a friend ...

It means full out fun!

 A quick cool down period ...

 And a hug from my people!!!

Just another day in autumn paradise ... thank you all for stopping by!  Enjoy your autumn!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Doily cards!!!

Made some cards for a couple of friends a while back ... and i used paper doilies ...

I had so much fun with these I went out and picked up a couple of more packs including some 12x12 rounds ... perfect for scrapbooking ... and ya gotta love dollar store doilies ... the package reads ..."may contain up to 10 doilies"  lol!   I haven't counted yet but i am hoping for something near 10!

And speaking of cards, I got a whole bunch of Christmas cards made up the other day ... I am slightly ahead of the game at this point ... who knows what next week will bring!

Thanks for stopping by and peace, love and paper y'all!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Centus ~ The Seed

I'm back ... I have really missed doing my Saturday Centus posts, but I am back and joining in the fun.  This week Jenny challenged us with the prompt "I planted a little story seed".  I clocked in at exactly 100 words ... here's my take on the prompt.

I planted a little story seed several weeks ago … and oddly I haven’t written since. Somehow despite the lack of attention, this seed has flourished, becoming at once a strong seedling, with roots tentatively exploring the earth and with plenty of space to grow.  Little vignettes have branched off of the main trunk, and as these little vignettes grow, they begin to reach up to the sun for warmth and food and the sun gifts them with blossoms … whispered phrases, and conversations, names, setting and nuances.   And still I cannot commit them to paper.  My pen lies silent.

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Jenny Matlock

Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Matchbox Swap ...

Yeah!  my package arrived from my fabulous swap partner, Amy Duff ... and wow!  her box to me was huge ... and stuffed full of so many goodies ... I was totally jumping for joy ... well, actually doing the happy dance, when i saw all of the creativity and goodness inside!

 All of the goodies were carefully wrapped and packaged ... i love the birds she stuck to the box, she also sent me several of the bird die cuts ... perfect for sticking in a halloween window!
 and is this not just the cutest card ever!  I love how she used the stamp for halloween!  and i love the stamp, super cute!
 A bag stamped with Alice in orange, and filled with metals and ribbons and felt for fall!
 Another bag, beautifully stamped and made and stuffed with a giant kit-kat bar!  I love treats!
 Very cool decorations!  i love the ball, i couldn't get a great photo of it, but it is filled with creepy bits!
 The matchbox .... love the side opening and the glitterey raven!
 and inside, stickpins!!!  i love stickpins!!! and an uber cool necklace!
and finally a slide box ... how totally cool is that!

I am the luckiest swapper ever!   Thanks so much Amy, I love it all!

And thank you all for stopping by!  Fall is here, Halloween is coming ... bring on the pumpkins!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

To Blog or not to blog ... that is the question ....

and you might have noticed that lately it has been "not to blog" for me ...
see, I had an owie ... actually its a burn that is now a giant blister on my finger ... I was trying not to pop the blister, but it popped and now i can just bandage it up and type away to my hearts content!

I also haven't been crafting ... but I finally got up the nerve to finish my project ... the one that I burnt my finger on ... thankfully I love my little project ...

it's a whole lot of paper rosettes, it's actually Stamping Up patterned paper, because i wanted something with weight and that would not crush as easy as a vintage book page ... all glue gunned to a styro tree shape.  The base is actually a pin holder from Webster's Pages ... I just love packaging that you can use as part of a project!!!

and I just loved sticking the left over's in a vintage jar with a vintage crochet doily ... I think these will both look cute on the mantle ... well okay, i don't have a mantle, but they will look great on the table!!!   maybe surrounded by tea lights ... and I have beautiful vintagey white snow owl ornaments ... geez ... I'm starting to dream of christmas and it's not even halloween ...

anyways ... I'm finally able to blog and comment on blogs so I will be around to visit soon!

thanks so much for stopping by and visiting!
ps, Honey says "hi" ... well actually it's more of a "woof" ...

ps again, my first photo edit ... this looks so much better now!