Friday, September 20, 2013

a page a day 9 & 10

The circle theme continues ...
 day 9 ... I do have in my mind this story ... i actually have several ... that i really should commit to paper and pen ... it is a fanciful tale about 7 sister and 7 moons ... so that was in my mind when i did this page ... i kept the whole circle thing going using both large and small circles, that were made with paint and in .... i love the way it turned out ... i am starting to enjoy this process!!!

 Day 10 ... I found this fab clip art of tea cups on pinterest and i knew i had to use it in a page ... i started with a highly patterned background that i was not to fond of ... so i dripped paints down the length of it and left it to dry ... i was kind of stuck until dinner when i grabbed a napkin and knew i had to use it ... i had previously seen my friend Kathy use on a journal page ... so down it went ... i used a torn layer of white to cover and mute some of the paint and then i cut out the flowers and applied them.... and the queen? well she just demanded that she be included, and who I am to argue!

Thanks again so  much for joining my as i exercise my creative muscles and try this new to me art form!
peace love and paper!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

a page a day 7 & 8

I love circles ... and rings .... the simplicity, the organic shape, the completeness and wholeness ...

Day 7
 The 7th was a saturday and although i had time to play ... i just was not in a real creative way ... i loved the technique i used on the flowers, which was basically finger painting with two colours ... i just did not like the dried paint.  It just dried a lot darker that i thought it would ... i does have some glimmer painted onto the the upper left side of each flower, but i cant get it to show up on a photo ... failure??? no, I am learning and trying something everyday ... i am not an artist but i like to play at being one, and i consider this all personal growth ... even if it is simple finger painting and fanciful thoughts ...

Day 8  okay, ask anyone who knows me very well, and they will tell you that i absolutely adore Jane Austen, and I am a rabid Alice fan ... I dedicate this page to Alice ... in all her glory!
 The background is distress stain and paint.  I used a prima doily stencil with white paint for a touch of girly ... the flowers are made from various gelli prints i have made, and the eyes were not hand drawn by me, the were cut from an ad in Vogue ... I wanted the the flowers to have "faces" but that was too much.  This one took much longer than most of the others i have completed but it was sunday ... and a lazy relaxing sunday at that!!!
Thank you again, for stopping by and watching my progress ... I encourage you all to pick up a pencil and paper and do something every day ... just doodle and see what comes of it!

peace love and paper!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

a page a day 5 & 6

Starting off with a lot of realism
Day 5
 I started the background of this page in a class, quite sometime ago ... it uses distress stains and paints as well as some ink ... I added a bit more ink and paint to this page ... lately i have been experiencing brief states of confusion ... and this background just spoke to me of that confusion ... that lack of stability of thought ... i am crossing my fingers that this is just a meno thing and that it passes.  I am loving stamping on my journal pages.

Day 6
I knew i wanted to use 3 squares, I just didn't know how ... sometimes you just have to close your eyes and let it all happen organically ... this is what my mind saw and this is one of my favourite pages so far.  The colours and happy and it is very simple, but i love it!

Thank you again, for following along ... I am enjoying this challenge of doing something everyday!
Peace, love and paper,

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

a page a day ... 3 & 4

okay, so you remember how i told you my camera was acting up?? well ... it died ... yes, complete and total motor failure ... (who would have thunk!)  ... so .... I am way behind in the journal page a day challenge ... the pages are done, just getting caught up on the photography, so i hope to post 2 pages a day till I am all caught up!

Day 3.
I started this one at a friend's house.  I knew i wanted to trace my hand but had no idea what to do with that until another friend suggested trying zentangles ... so her i am trying something totally new! The background was sone with distress stains and the painted on colour is done with ink ... this was interesting to try ... next time i want to map out a design first and use a thinner pen.

Day 4.
 The state of my heart is sometimes cloudy ... i am just poking a bit of fun at myself here.  The background is distress stains and paints ... the heart and clouds are "painted" with gelatos onto vintage book pages. I did some background stamping with paint ... i love the effect of paint on stamps.
just some close up detail ... i love using a soft colour palette.

Thanks so much for stopping by and watching me trying to grow!
peace love and paper!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

so blissed!

... yes, i am in a state of bliss ... lately i have just been so very lucky in submitting my cards to Stampington and having them accepted for publication.  I'm so excited it's like walking around with wings on my feet ... all giddy and joy!

Check out the Autumn 2013 edition of the Stamplers sampler take ten issue!

 I adore this publication, it is one of my favourites ... the premise is cards that have some stamping on them and can be made in approximately 10 minutes ... this issue is filled with fabulous "challenge" results.  The challenge was to use a "flag" template ... the results are beautiful, lots of eye candy in this edition.

 This blew my wee little mind ... i sent in three cards i made using some vintage tags that my friend Izzy had given to me ... I was experimenting with inks when the idea came to make cards using the tags.  great fun, and the photography of my cards is stellar ... and two pages ... yikes ... i am just flabergasted!

A very simple interpretation of the flag challenge... i used MME papers and a fabulous Stampin up! stamp.
Nope, this card is not upside down  .... but i can't give away all of it's secrets!!!  It is my favourite card!

Another submission, this time using more romantic colours and making one of the flags slightly different than called for.  I also have 2 other cards published in this issue!

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit and listening to me babble on ... I am so blissed out.

Peace love and paper!!!

Monday, September 2, 2013

a page a day ...

... okay so one, or maybe some ... of my friends suggested we do a challenge ... specifically do one art journal page a day ... for one month ...

i dont know where my friends are at with this, but i decided to take up the challenge ... despite the fact that i am very new to art journalling ...

I am starting with some pages that have a bit of a background on them ... not much but a bit of colour ... and i will be adding background elements to them (well most of them) and adding the "me" stuff as well.  

I am currently having problems with my camera, it being the victim of a very dusty atv ride this summer so the lens does not always open, so i will take photos when i can ...

so here is Sept 1
 I actually started this one on vaca this year .... totally inspired  by a Foo Fighters song and the mass of stars in the night sky up by Merritt ...

 I started the background at a class using Tim Holtz Distress stains ... I added some paint and ink and Gelatos (love Gelatos and friends who teach you techniques wink wink)  I did stamping with paint as well ... total fun.
 September 2  sometimes I just love basic backgrounds as they are ... i like free form rather than patterns or structure in art so spreading and misting distress ink worked for me on this one, and  a soft sketch using my white uniball signo gel pen did the trick .... i still have my penciled in sketch lines on the paper, but i figured that it was part of the process and thought i would leave them in rather than erase them.
And my other photo obstacle .... bad enough having a camera that is not working properly, but i also have my little Honey, who expects to be in every photo ... oh the obstacles she creates .... gives me a happy heart!

thanks so much for stopping by

peace, love and paper, all ...