Thursday, August 27, 2009

playing with ....

... grunge paper & distress stickles & melton wool felt & tim holtz stamps ... I love the way the grunge paper holds curls and folds ... and yet remains totally pliable ... i clearly have autumn on my mind.

Speaking of ... check out the Fall 09 edition of Canadian Scrapbooker ... it is stellar! and i do mean stellar! This is my fave issue so far ... the art is excellent, the articles, excellent, the cover shot, excellent ... I haven't read through the whole edition yet but I have looked through several times and read a bit ... my recommendation ... buy it!!! totally inspiring stuff inside!!!


okay and if you flip to page 61 of said issue ... you will see a layout by me ... and it's a weird one ... first it's very very simple, secondly it has a lot of journaling and third ... it is an 8 1/2 x 11 sized layout ... the one and only that i have done ... and there are no pictures of family ... how weird is that???

don't say you weren't warned! lolzy

Monday, August 17, 2009

Did I forget to show you ...

... the cards for the September card class at Pick of the Patch?? lolzy I'm sure I did ... but i didn't show you the little gift bag we will be decorating that goes along with them ... and I'm not going to ... cuz you will have to come into the store some time next week and see it (this of course is code for "it hasn't been made yet, but I have it all up in my head")

Thanks to all of the Scrapaholics who were out at the monthly crop yesterday at Kathy's place ... for once I had time to just chat and visit and laugh and actually do some scrapping ... I had great fun, I hope everyone else did as well!!!

And BIG GIANT THANKS to my friends for actually NOT touching my face .. luv you all and loved hearing more about you from that crazy 15 things tag.

thanks for visiting get out your paper and go have fun!!!

yeah ... there is a red car in the background ... silly me ...

Friday, August 14, 2009

15 random things ...

I was tagged by Carrie and this one is easy ... just write 15 random things about me ... hmmmm this is going to be scary ... and time consuming ... and well scary ...

1. I live within walking distance of my family's first home ...
2. I love singing, i just can't sing
3. My favourite occupation was being a florist ... loved it!
4. I hate having my face touched
5. Sometimes I talk to dead people
6. I redid this tag 4 times (make that 5) before i decided to click "Publish Post"
7. I miss my bff from when I was a teen and think of him almost every day (wow i sound kinda pathetic)
9. Deep water terrifies me
10. I also fear fire
11. Took a brief 3 day forensic dental session, saw the pictures and developed the above two fears
12. I have a medal from the Canadian Government
13. ...and a plaque but it's not up on the wall .... yet
14 I deleted # 8.
15. My anxiety is through the roof now .... eeeeeks!

Now i am feeling totally uncomfortable about posting all of this .... but that's just me ... i'm not big on revealing a whole lot ...

I'm tagging Sue F, Lois, Rae & Sue D ... and Sue R ... consider yourself tagged, so start your blog and get posting your 15 girl!!!
Next time I want an easier tag game!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Well, i have been busy lately but i have also had some play time so i made a few layouts!

Tank girl is one of my all time faves! i love the Collage Press Knave of Hearts line and I love love love that I could use it on a layout about my daughter. I used Carrie's technique of attaching my Tim Holtz sprockets with the uber cool tiny attacher. This lo also has a TH ticket and i used the ranger distressed ink and TH distressed stickers on the chipboard letters and dots on the scalloped die cut.

I whipped up this quick little lo of baby me using the Basic Grey Lemonade line. I gotta say i love border punches right now, and i used my "arrow" border punch to punch the ruffled border and to punch the edges of the photo mat. So easy and yet so cool!

Finally, a quick layout using MLYB Fresh Print Traveller line ... I love the leaves ... I think I will need a few more pieces of that pp ... just so i can cut out cool leaves for fall layouts and cards.

Kathy stopped by POTP yesterday ... I had so much fun talking to her ... I told her where the nearest fabric shop was and off she went ... she picked up soooo many cool goodies that I had to stop there today myself. When i was there I started to feel the need to quilt again ... and the fabrics .... oh wow, soooo gorgeous ... I had to cut my trip short before i went off the deep end. I totally can't afford both hobbies and for now I am sticking with my scrapbooking! It's way too much fun :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

changes and friends and stuff ...

ch-ch-ch-ch-changes .... I have been watching as some of my friends are going through rather big changes right now ... especially Sandra, who is semi-retired from the retail world and Izzy, who is taking on the retail world ... check out her new POTP scrapbooking store blog here. I have decided to make a few life changes as well ... I figure, if i make about 2 changes a month, for the next many many years ... i will not only continue to evolve but i will be the person i know i am ... So here goes ...

Change 1: No more snacking on cheese .. no more snacking of beautifully aged cheddars, creamy bries and just about any other cheese i can munch on. I can still have my low fat feta and cottage for salads and low fat mozza's in pasta dishes but absolutely no more using cheese as a snack food or meal.

Change 2: Imposing a maximum 30 minutes a day time limit on Facebook ... I am spending way too much time there and most of it is spent playing mahjong ... I'm talking wayyyyyy too much time ... It occured to me that when i get to the point where my life is flashing before my eyes, i want to see a lot more that a giant mahjong board ... I seriously need a mahjong and facebook detox. I neglect my own little blog and my friends wonderful blogs because of my little addiction ... and this makes me feel bad ... So, i'm getting out the timer, sitting it by my computer, and turning it to 30 minutes as soon as i hit the sign in screen. And looked what i missed this week by spending my time on fb ...

Diane, thank you thank you thank you!!! I am so glad that I met you. You are one of those people who truly just bring the fun!! You make me laugh ... you have words of wisdom ... you inspire me ... and mostly YOU MAKE ME LAUGH!!!! (yes that was worth repeating!)

and for those still reading .... the wall ... it is located across the street from the Sandman Hotel on Georgia ... the pictures of Hayley at the wall were taken by her friend T-bone or as I call him ... Travis ... I have never seen the Charlie Brown section of the wall, it is quite a long wall ... and ironically I have been trying to get Hayley to go there for a photo shoot for about 10 months now ... its just something we never seem to get time to do ...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I saw Hayley kissing ....

... Charlie Brown???!!! omg my dd is such a rebel ... and Charlie is such an older man .... what's next ... dancing with Snoopy??? playing the piano with Schroeder???