Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I've been tagged by my friend Izzy!
Here's how it works
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* Go to the seventh folder of photos.
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This is the Fraser river ... from Pitt Meadows, looking over to Langley ... it's Christmas Eve day ... or what remains of the day ...

I am tagging Lois, Erica, Rae, Brenna, Sue C, Diane & Kathy! Have fun girls!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Earth hour, scrapping an enabler & an award!

So, Saturday night there was a world-wide earth hour. H and i sat on the couch, she working on a paper on her laptop, using battery power, me reading a book, both of us snuggling in blankets sipping hot tea, with only two lights on in the house and nothing else ... and we stayed that way for the most of the night, it was fun, we kept a candle glowing just to give the illusion of light and warmth, but we voted for the earth by shutting almost everything down. So what did you do? Read all about the global success of this event, just click the linky.

I finished the layout I did at the friday night crop. I am totally in baby mode, this one is a picture of me!

Sue sent me an e-coupon to Michaels ... i am not really a Michaels shopper but i do love Martha's punches ... so i went down fully expecting to buy a punch, but i found something I had been looking for for ages ... Bakers Twine! It wasn't much money and with the 50% off coupon it was even less ... but I have been searching for this everywhere ... i only see it on etsy, or chi chi high end ribbon stores. This stuff is so cute and you can make the tiniest bows ... and it looks great on tags. Martha's version doesn't come in the traditional colours other than red & white, but it does come in "Martha" colours ... so you know that they are pretty. Now i just cant wait to it! Thanks Sue, without that coupon i might never have found my bakers twine.

Kathy, thanks so much for the cool award ... you always know how to make my day!!! Now i have to think of 5 people to send this to ... 5 blogs that i love ... hmmmm, so some of you are going to be tagged more than once ... here are my picks
~Sue C
~Sue F

Saturday, March 28, 2009

omgosh, what a fun week!

I had a wonderful week, super busy, but loads of fun. I was lucky enough to teach 3 classes this week, one card class and two technique classes. gotta say, i am really liking this activity... with every class i get to meet someone new and interact with all kinds of people who love this scappy craft. The interesting thing is just when you begin to believe that you will never have a "normal" life, you realize that no one does ... every life has its ups and downs and oddities and rareities and that is one of the best parts about teaching ... you as the teacher get to share you passion with others and you get to learn about others and their views and their lives and their passions and all of that stuff that makes the world spin.

To continue on with the good week, i got to spend the better part of a day with friend Diane ... and .... yeah ... we didnt even scrap ... we went on a great photo shoot at Barnett Marine Park and Diane had loads of words of wisdom about photography for me. We did some serious shooting and some goofy stuff! Diane made us a picnic lunch and we had a tailgate party for two on her truck.

I ended the week by cropping on Friday night at Pick of the Patch. Gotta say I really enjoy the friday night crew regulars ... we had major fun, eveyone talks to everyone and laughs and learns and shares nibblies ... so its all good.

Today, serious housecleaning and tonight, serious scraproom cleaning ... its like a disaser in that area ...

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Scrapaholics Crop

Yesterday was the monthly Scrapaholics Crop ... despite the little quirks, like broken water mains, no running water and plumbers who needed access to the building, I still had a great time. I gotta say I really enjoy this group of women. I cant wait for next months crop! I am totally thrilled that Izzy is making me a "flat jo" mini album, I cant wait to see the finished project! Yesterday, I got a mini album started ... I made one competed layout and I made most of a second layout ... which i actually finished today ... no UFO's for me! I used a lot of the new Baby Safari collection from My Little Yellow Bicycle. I am just loving this collection and it's finally got me scrapping baby pictures ... both H's and mine!
Hopefully I will get the mini album finished next week! Oh, and that tiny little vintage book page on my layout ... got it at the "vintage" swap at the scrapaholics ... loooove it! So here's the 2 layouts ... thanks for stopping by and visiting!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

a beautiful day

what a great day ... the weather was wonderful, it actually felt like spring, the birds were out early chirping up a storm. I am enjoying blogging again, thanks to all of you who come by ... it means a lot to me. Scrapwise, i didnt get much done today, I was supposed to kit a card class, finish designing and photograph another one and finish designing a chipboard class .... but like i said it was a beautiful day. Lots of walks with the dog, I met my mom at the mall and shopped, i picked up a few supplies for the card class, saw my daughter for about an hour ... and suddenly its 9:00pm and i haven't made a dent in my pile. And i still have to pack for tommorrows Scrapaholics crop at Pick of the Patch. I just pressed some coffee so I am off to my scrap room. Hopefully I can get a few things accomplished. Here's one more layout using the Basic Grey Porcelain line. I just love these papers!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy actual first day of spring!

Wow! that was some wicked weather today, everything from sun, wind, rain, torrential rain, thunder and dark clouds. Mother Nature was throwing some kind of party to celebrate the season of rebirth! My poor dog didn't know how to dress for the weather ... scarf, sweater ... headband???

Lately I have been loving theBasic Grey Porcelain collection. I used it on one of the baby layouts and this layout of H looking oh so tuff waiting for the bus ... i guess that glare was there cuz you never know where you will find mom with her camera... dude, i am everywhere (lols)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Welcome to my new blog!!!

Hey, happy almost first day of spring! Wow, spring is here so fast this year ... or is it just me that is feeling that way? I love Spring, definitely one of my top 4 fave seasons (lols) ... all of that emerging green and tweety birds and rebirth and daffodils and all of that glorious good stuff! I wish I had a spring like layout to share with you but no such luck ... So here is something kind of in that mood, its a couple of baby layouts of Hayley ... and yes I have finally started to scrap her baby layouts! It's only taken me 19 years to get to them ... better late than never ... right ???