Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Centus ~ The Wind

Our fabulous Centus Leader, Jenny, has given us a picture prompt and 100 words this time ... I hope you enjoy!

He saw it first in the birds, they came sweeping across the sky heading east. With his next breath he drew in an unfamiliar acrid smell and started to sense the danger. As he looked to the west, he saw the bursts of red and orange high upon the mountain.  The sky began to blacken, though it was a bright spring day.  Instinctively he turned north, to his home and his beautiful Sinopa.  He knew she would be deep in the den and nursing, their pups, just born would have no chance.  The wind would make the decision for them.

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Peace, love & paper ~ Jo

Jenny Matlock


rmannell said...

This is a beautiful story about endangered animals in fires. :)

The sometimes forgotten tragedy for wildlife in fires can never be underestimated as habitat reduction reduces the range of animals. Here in Australia we have groups such as the RSPCA, WIRES and NANA which actively seek out animals after fires.

anitamombanita said...

Oh sad.

Sue said...

Compelling story. Hope the wind changed for them.


Cheryl said...

Ah, Jo. This one is sadder than sad.

Judie said...

A sad one, Jo, but you wrote it beautifully. Many animals died in the Aspen fire, but the wildlife does come back, thankfully. Great take on the prompt. Have you sent my beautiful piece yet?

Izzy said...

Beautifully written Jo!

Ames said...

Oh drats...not the pups! I am glad to see you back in SC again. But now I will go to bed thinking about those sweet pups. :(

Very moving writing Jo!~Ames

Karen S. said...

Yes nicely written, but horribly sad.

Lynn Stevens said...

oh no!!!! not the pups! The sequel needs to tell of the wind changing directions. o.k?
hugs Lynn

Anna said...

Beautiful story from the point of view of animals caught in the fire.

Thank you for your kind wishes about my hearing. I think I am going to be fine, but it will take a week more.

Best wishes & hugs,
For the benefit of other readers:
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Jenny said...


You know how famous Jodi Picoult is?

And how she wrote that story about Wolves?

And how everybody raved about it?



I thought it was boring. I really, really wish you had written and published a novel along these lines...I would soooo prefer reading your work!

This was AWESOME!