Sunday, May 27, 2012

Saturday Centus ~ The Dress

Okay, I was totally busy on Saturday, girls day with stops at a fabulous vintage fair and a 50's diner for lunch ... so my Centus is late.  This week, Jenny has given us another picture prompt ... and 100 words.  I came in at 100 exactly but I really needed another 500 or so ... lol!
Jenny couldn't get this picture to load correctly and neither could I, please excuse the awkward orientation.
From the moment she saw the Balenciaga in a copy of Glamour, she knew she wanted to make it as her junior year sewing project. She had fallen for the large vertical stripes of ocean blues, greens with a hint of sand.  The local Walmart didn’t have a large selection of fabric so the cheap striped polyester would have to do.  She had done her best work with the dress, toiling for hours, hand basting the slippery and heavy fabric.  Days later she was finished, she slipped on Mama’s gold sandals and carefully slid the dress over her head …

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Jenny Matlock


Ames said...

Hey you! Are you going to leave us hanging?? What was the occasion? I have questions and demand answers!Didn't you leave us hanging last week too? What are you some kind of paper hanger?? Hawhaw!~Ames

P.S Tell us more about the Vintage fair!

Izzy said...

Great little story - she's on her way in those rockin' gold shoes!

Judie said...

Unfortunately, Mama's feet were somewhat larger! Did you notice that???

The package came yesterday and I am excited and grateful, Jo. You have such a gift!!


Viki said...

Very sweet story. Loved it.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

What an interesting take on the prompt. My focus (and most other's) was on the shoes. Great job! laurie @

Susan Anderson said...

I really liked this one.


Anonymous said...

Very nice tale.

Carrie said...

a good beginning. Now we need to know why she was making the dress, for what event?

visiting from Jenny's

anitamombanita said...

Love the original take on the prompt!

Lynn Stevens said...

Cute story. Reminded me of when I hand made my first formal for attending the theater with my Drama club. I felt like a princess.
Hugs Lynn

Michelle aka Naila Moon said...

I love that she had to use whatever material she found at Walmart! That would be me. lol
Great cliff hanger there.

~Naila Moon

Jenny said...

Balenciaga and Walmart.

Why do those two things NOT fit in the same sentence?


Or maybe I'm just shopping in the NON-glamorous part of the store.



Cute use of the prompt!