Sunday, January 9, 2011

Saturday centus ~ The screen

Well this week dear Jenny has decided to give us a visual prompt instead of a written prompt ... yeah ... i enjoyed getting her words stuck in my brain ... rattling around, looking for companions of my own making ... now it's this d@*# picture ... which has me all confuzzled ... so here's the picture ... our prompt ... and here's what i came up with.

I got nothing … nadda, nil … get it?  This week’s centus has me feeling about as comfortable as a snowball in an orange grove … melting quickly with no place to hide … so here I sit staring at my almost blank screen … oh, but I do love this screen … after years and years of an ancient tiny screen that my daughter had bejeweled to “make it look pretty” this screen is an amazing pleasure … oh the things I can see … and the things I can’t!

Jenny Matlock

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Peace, love & paper!


Cheryl said...

I absolutely loved this picture. I like how you flipped this on its head to tell a story of the love between a woman and her large screen.

My brain is too fried for this. :(

Kat said...

Very funny response to the prompt. I think alot of people felt like that when they first fired up the old computers on Saturday morning! This made me smile (and I'm glad you got a bigger screen!) Kat

Lynn Stevens said...

This is a tough one, as is this winter in Florida!

Anna said...

Maybe we are heading toward a new ice-age?

Great solution when you are in a pinch. I've does this too. At least you are with us in the game!

Best wishes,

Anna's SC#36

laterg8r said...

i love that hayley bedazzled the last screen and that you have a new huge one :D

Izzy said...

Loved the photo and how you created your story ;)

~Lissa said...

I love how you tied in the picture as a metaphor for how the picture prompt made you feel. Great irony!

Also, your story reminded me of when I was a kid and decided I would make my mom's antique dresser "look pretty" with my crayons...opps.

Judie said...

I just couldn't make myself do this one. You did a great job, though. Thanks for your sweet comment on my post.

Sheila said...

Just noticed you were from Vancouver when commenting on Pat's blog. I lived in Vancouver the first two years I taught and remember a huge snowstorm that lasted months. Good luck with the snow today - it looks like it will be warming up nicely today.

Lola said...

Back again! - missed your posts & thanking you for your lovely comment on mine and wishing you a Happy New Year!

Great post!

XOXO Lola & Nora:)

gautami tripathy said...

This picture set me off in a very different direction.

destined destination

Tgoette said...

LOL! You are preaching to the choir with this one! Loved your take on this! We've all been there! Enjoy the new screen!

Tina said...

haha the shake ups can be tough sometimes! love the sound of your bejwelled screen! ;-)

Sue said...

You definitely made this one work for you!


Jenny said...

I'm reading this on my new little notebook laptop and it made me laugh...teensy weensy screen for sure!

What a clever use of the picture prompt.

It's amazing how much nothing can turn into something when you need it to.

Thanks for linking.