Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CHA - what's on your wish list

CHA is right around the corner and it seems like everyone in blogsphere has little sneak peaks.  The best site I have found so far for sneak peeks is Scrapbook Updates ... check out their lists of sneak peeks here.

Although I swore that I would cut way back on my spending this year (yeah right) I have found a few lines that i just "have to have"... and I am seriously limiting it to a few lines ...

Websters Pages Spring Market Line
everything in this collection is seriously gorgeous and happy and bright and vibrant and everything that spring should be .... and i seriously want it all.  This line is a preCHA release ... they are also releasing 4 other complete lines ... each of are equally as gorgeous.

These pins are not part of the Spring Market line, but they are new for CHA and would work beautifully with the line

double sided delicious papers!

love the fabric flowers!

also love these delicate Princess Petals

can you envision how cool your projects will look with all of these goodies!

I love just about everything Prima does ... although their papers on not on my must haves list I seriously need their new line of metal charms, including this bird cage ... i can see using loads of these on various altered projects ...

Yummy, yummy, yummy!

pretty flower centers and pretty laces

these flowers and leaves are amazing and they are all hand stitched ... i'm hoping they dont cost a fortune

more handstitched beauties!

Tim Holtz
Well you all know I have serious love for the man and his uber creative products ... but look at these butterflies ... who can resist

gotta have the butterfly tissue tape

and the butterfly stickers

and the butterfly paper ...

and butterfly dies ... be still my beating heart

yes, finally ... after years of waiting someone has made the perfect alpha ... i cant wait to get my hands on this ...

love it!

Graphic45 - Le Cirque
Okay clowns scare the crap out of me ... yes, clown fear does exists ... so why am I drawn the the new Le Cirque line like a moth to a white hot flame???  dunno ... cant explain, but it totally need this line and some of the stamps ... the stamps are just incredible  .... mais non?

these stamps just rock my world!

and so does this paper ... even though it has clowns

I dont know what i would make with this paper, but i love it!
metal flowers, how cool!

yummy ... this would look amazing on a mini album cover!

That's what I am looking forward to ... so what's on your must have list???

Peace Love & Paper!


Cheryl said...

I'm usually pretty good at figuring out a thing from its context but not this time. What the heck does CHA stand for?

I lurve the butterflies too. The clowns? I know the fear is real but that paper is so bright and cheery, who could resist loving it?

Lynn Stevens said...

Were all in serious trouble, So many wonderful new things headed our way, Whats a girl to do. I guess just hand over our pocketbooks LOL!
hugs Lynn