Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday Centus - The ATM

Darn that Jenny Matlock and her crazy prompts!  You know the drill ... the prompt is in bold and the rest is all me.  Make sure you click on the button at the bottom of the post to visit the rest of entries ... and hey, why not join us, it's a great way to exercise that part of your brain ... and its fun ... yes fun!

The ATM machine began dispensing twenties... spewing them into the air.  She stood there mesmerized as they danced in the wind, gusts lifting them towards the brilliant blue sky and then stopping to let the green bills drift, only to be caught by another gust.

She watched passersby reach and grasp for the elusive bills … some scurrying away with their new found bits of wealth. 

“hmm” … she thought, turning back to her tuna salad. “I’d hate to have to explain to the boss how I lost the ATM funds … and I think my job is tough.”

Jenny Matlock

Peace, love & paper


Kat said...

Now this was a really original take on the prompt! Boy, I sure wouldn't want to be that bank employee! Nicely done, love the unexpected twist at the end. Kat

Lynn Stevens said...

hahahahah I think I need to find that ATM machine! Great story!!

Nonna said...

Wonderful job and a fun twist on the prompt !

Unknown said...

Cheeky lady that one...and I loved the way she goes to her salad without a care...great post.

Judie said...

No more remarks about how you are not a creative writer!!!! This was soooo good, and different--a breath of fresh air (blowing those 20's right at me!)

Susan Anderson said...

I liked imagining those twenties wafting on the breezes.

Really descriptive!

Nice one.


cj Schlottman said...

I love this image! Lucky passers by and an almost unemployed benefactor. Great dichotomy, wonderful imagination.


Kim said...

you just needed "We're in the Money" playing in the background, and this could have been a scene in a movie!

Great job!

Jenny said...

Such a fun, original use of this prompt. I really enjoyed the direction you took this!