Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Would you let your kids eat this???

Seriously ... this is DD breakfast ... looks rather .... toxic? full of empty calories and chemicals? They don't sell this stuff in Canada ... One of Hayley's friend's mom picked these up for Hayley during a cross border shopping trip ... Trix Swirls ... yumm ..... Yeah, we are hardened criminals here ... we employ cereal mules ... psssst, lady wanna make some quick cash .... just bring a few boxes of Trix across the border for us .... maybe some of that Trix yogurt if they still make it ...
I just love these cards that I made at the Scrapaholics Christmas crop .... These are from Sue F's "16 cards class" ... she did a wonderful job of prepping everything so all we had to do was assemble ... I brought them home and tarted them up a wee bit with some stickles ... they are now wrapped in wide lace with a vintage tag, ready to give as a Christmas Gift.
An envelope for my friend Lisa, who has been missing real cards made with real paper and sent in the mail .... she's not enjoying the whole cyber card thing so much ... it was way to late for me to mail her "real homemade card" so I tarted up the envelope a bit ... even put red sealing wax on the back, and dropped it off to her mailbox today .... I'm hoping she likes the envelope as much as the card.
mmmmm, can you just smell these .... two whole batches of gingerbread men cookies ... now all decorated ... Hayley did these last night and then whisked them all off to work today ... all of them ... seriously every last crumb is out of this house and I didn't get a single little nibble ... which is for the best, but gosh they sure made the house smell yummy!

My next post will be a little scrappier ... i did get some scrapping time in yesterday ... thanks for stopping by!


laterg8r said...

hilarious item to score cross border jo - i used to buy deoderant LOL :D

love the envie :D

can't wait 2 see whatcha scrapped :D

bcgal00 Rae said...

That brings back memories. I used to lose Trix as a kid. I can't believe two whole batches of cookies came and went without you having any!!! I wouldn't have that willpower LOL

ScrappeeDiane said...

I love the smell of Gingerbread, mmmmmmmm! I love sugared, color altered cereal and see nothing wrong with that breakfast. But for me I eat my sugared cereal as my before bedtime snack. Capn Crunch is my fav.

Anonymous said...
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