Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad! ... the topiary and a little macro shot ...

I made this card for my dad using Collage Press die cut scraps ... you know, those little bits left over after you pop out the diecut from the sheet ... these were the "rings" of pattern left on the 12x12 sheet, that i then cut out and used ... and lucky me, the "witty" patterned paper had a Number 78 on it ... perfect for my Dad's Birthday. Happy 78th to my favourite guy!

The topiary is back ... well it never left ... but it was redone for the winter... and now sits in the store at POTP. Last year it was a lollipop tree in BG Wassil ... then it became a bright yellow daisy tree ... now its a Pointsettia tree using this years BG Eskimo kisses. The Pointsettia flowers were made the same way as the ones on the wreath .... the only difference ... different paper and i used some of those old shaped paper scissors to cut out one of the flowers.

And here is a little macro shot ... not that great, just used my point and shoot ... these are a few of my mom's itty bitty decorations... these little imps and others sit in a little snow carriage ... the pipe cleaner sprite is well over 50 years old ... i think it is actually closer to 60! I have no idea how old the elf is and the little christmass bunny is something i made for my mom about 15 years ago ...

And Izzy ... the only one to hazard a guess on my last post ... and you were totally right ... I will bring some vintagey bits of joy with me when I see you at the crop next weekend!

As always, thanks for stopping by ... now go glue something fun!


laterg8r said...

what did i miss on the last post? must go check!!!

love those little ornies, very sweet :D

great topiary :D

i saw your wreath today, what did you use for the ring?

Izzy said...

love the topiary! and the old ornaments;)

no need to bring me anything for the guess.... I knew the answer and no one else was guessing, so I thought I'd try to "inspire" more guesses! didn't work did it? LOL


bcgal00 Rae said...

Love the redo of your little tree. Great job with the card too! You craft lady you!