Monday, October 26, 2009

The Not So Secret Garden

So sorry to everyone who attended this class and was missing a page of instructions. I think this is the page that you were missing ... if you have any questions, just post in the comments section and I will try to answer them.

Paper & Ribbon flower
This card is fun to make and is a great way to use your scraps. I use glue dots on this card to hold it together. This flower is built on the flower center. Feel free to mix up the order in which the paper/ribbon pieces are layered.
1. take a small piece of ribbon and loop it through the button holes and tie a simple knot in the front.
2. take ¼” green strips, loop in half (do not form a fold if you want dimension in your flower). Attach each loop to the button in a North, South, East, West pattern.
3. Rotate the flower so the green strips are no longer up and down. Take the wide turquoise strips, loop in half and attach to the button in the same N, S, E, W.
4. Rotate the flower again and attach ribbon loops.
5. Keep rotating the flower filling in the gaps with your paper strips until the flower is complete.
6. Attach flower to card base.

Variations ~ in the past I have used fabric strips, ribbon, patterned paper and cardstock. Edges of all papers can be distressed and paper can be distressed before forming the flower by crumpling, wetting, inking, painting, glimmer misting etc. You can vary the widths of materials used or keep them all the same width. You can use double layers as shown or just use single layers. Use circles of Tulle to back the flower. For a more delicate look. Change the flower center. Several years ago I saw this flower on a published layout. I was made from about 3 pieces of patterned ribbon, with a little “v” cut in each end of the ribbon and a brad in the center. I have just played and played with it, making a totally unique flower each time, so please experiment, you will have fun and come up with different looks every time you use it.


Shelley said...

Thanks for remembering to post the instructions for this flower so quickly. Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed the class - got lots of "oohs" and "aahs" from my family when I showed them what I made.

laterg8r said...

your class rocked it jo - you are awesome!!!!