Monday, October 19, 2009

4 days to go!!!

So who is ready for the BC Crop for Kids? I can hardly wait ... I am uber excited about teaching my first class there ... thank goodness I will have Izzy there and Hayley as the TA. I love techniques and this class is almost all techniques so it is bound to be fun. Here is a sneaky peak!

And, I am taking a class by Kah-Mei Smith, and i am a total Kah-Mei fan so again, wow ... lots of fun to look forward to. I havent the slightest idea about what i will be packing to work on. I am really into my art journals right now but they are techniquey and messy and painty .... so i just might have to leave them at home and pack something a less messy like pages ... or christmas cards ... What are you bringing to the crop? let me know, i am totally unorganized when it comes to planning my own stuff this year.


laterg8r said...

i am super duper excited - i have been anally planning page packs for 2 weeks LOL - total opposite of you :D

we are going to have the BEST time!!!!!

Izzy said...

I'm excited too! xmas cards, tags and gift holders are my plan!

Anonymous said...

I'm bringing all my unfinished Basic Grey BOM kits, a halloween project I've had since last year that isn't even started, and then plan to make cards with my BG scraps if I run out of things to do. Plus 3 classes, the make and takes, socializing...I'm sure to be busy!

Kathy said...

Super fabulous class Jo! Loved every technique and will use them over and over again! You and Izzy did an uber great job teaching!