Thursday, April 18, 2013

With 1 stamp ... part 3

Thanks so much for stopping in today ...

lookie what I made!!!

 okay, so this is where I cheated a bit and used 2 stamps .... I also love the En Francais background stamp ... i use it constantly.   This time, when I used the Pleasant Poppies stamp, I used just a small portion of the stamp.  I masked off a portion of the stamp so that it was not inked and that allowed me, to stamp this small little grouping of poppies.

Once again, I am using my favourite colour palette of Whisper white, crumb cake, tempting turquoise and calypso coral ... and of course my favourite ribbon ... but i promise, this is the last you will see of this colour pallet for a while  ;)

The Pleasant Poppies stamp comes in both the clear and wood mounted variety.  Which is best?  well I guess it depends on how you intend to use the stamp and personal preference.

When it comes to large background stamps, I prefer a wood stamp.  I feel that the unmounted clear stamp is a bit to heavy on the acrylic block and does not always stay firmly attached (you can see that mine slipped when I was making the turquoise card).  With the wood mounted stamp, you never have to worry about the stamp slipping or loosening from the acrylic block.

This stamp is fabulous both as it is, and masked off in this perfect little grouping of 3 flowers.  If you get the acrylic stamp, you have the option of cutting this little grouping away from the main stamp and ending up with 2 smaller stamps.  The acrylic stamp also allows for a better visual sense when placing the stamp... So again ... it's all about how you want to use the stamp and your personal preference ... both mounting options are perfect for certain uses.

I hope I have given you something to think about when looking at this stamp ... I will be back again tomorrow with one final example, only this time, a slightly different colour palette ;)

Peace love and paper!


Izzy said...

very pretty!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Very pretty, Jo! I have to get back to using my rubber stamps again. I need to oragnize them after our move.

Something Special said...

Wow Jo, I love all your pleasant poppy pieces. You are very creative and talented. I still feel badly that your jewel on top of your valentine spoolie came off some how in transit. I did want to say thanks for the oh so pretty Fairy children tag as I got one of yours. Just beautiful. I am doing up a post about it right now. Please check it out and know that you are one of my favorites!