Sunday, March 18, 2012

Saturday Centus ~ The Ring

It is week 98 of the Saturday Centus, and to celebrate, Jenny has challenged us with only 98 words including the use of the prompt which is "it was only 98 cents ..."  Here's my little offering!

It had been a beautiful life; years spent in each other’s company, first just the two of them, then the growing family.  Finally just the two of them again until the day that he passed.  It was her turn now, she felt the cold coming, but she was not afraid, she knew that she’d be with him soon.  Her daughters found her the next day … curled up in her bed, clutching his photo and a dimestore ring.  It was only 98 cents back then, but it was with this tiny token, they had cemented their young love.

thanks so much for joining me ... late as usually but i am blaming St Patrick's Day ... tee he he ...
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Jenny Matlock


anitamombanita said...

Such a sweet piece. Loved this!

Izzy said...

Lovely little story

Melody said...

Awww! Very sweet! I ♥ it!

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier


Lynn Stevens said...

WOW Jo,it gave me chills. Maybe hit a little to close to home for me.
Its really a gift when you can connect to others with your words!
Hugs Lynn

Viki said...

A beautiful little story. Just lovely

moondustwriter said...

That is a sweet picture of aging love
hope you had a gr8 st patricks day

Judie said...

Jo, what a sweet story! I got a little teary-eyed!

Cheryl said...

This is beautiful, Jo.

Jim said...

Jo, this is such a nice story, one about dying with your life mate in mind. I will hope I can go this way.

Oops, got to find my wedding ring!
I have my ring,it is a golden flower child ring of the early 70's given to me by my flower child bride.
Jim's Wedding Ring

Jenny said...

Oh Jo. What a tenderly sweet story.

I loved this.

It's not how much the token's how much love was behind it.


Teary eyed here.

Darned hormones.

Sue said...

Dam you Josephina! I am teary eyed here. DOH! (Love the story)

Ames said...

Aw Jo this was great! True love to the end and beyond.~Ames