Thursday, March 8, 2012

as promised .... procrastination

Procrastination, procrastination
is making me late
is keeping me waiting .....

Yeah, okay, i did borrow that  from the uber talented Carly Simon ... just replace my "procrastination" and add in her "anticipation" and you have her amazing hit "Anticipation" ... of course i left it too late to write a hit of my own, so i am borrowing hers...

does any one else out there procrastinate?  please tell me there is someone out there who does ... i look at all of your lovely blogs and wonder where everyone gets the time to do all that they do ... and then i look at time management blogs and realize that i have more hours in the day than i thought ... but i spend them all procrastinating ... seriously, you should see my pile of ironing or mending ... they just grow by the week and yet i continue to put them off ...

okay, enough whining about my P problem ... so from today on ... hopefully (and don't hold me to this)
... but from today on, i am going to try my best to not procrastinate ... and that way, i may find a few more hours for fun stuff, like blogging, and reading and well, just enjoying!!!

Oddly enough i don't have a picture of me procrastinating ... but i do have one of me getting a henna on Tuesday night ... that was fun!

 I wish i had taken more photos ... but this is the henna right after it has been applied.  After it dries, it is set, and then glitter is applied to it.  Mine was done in silver and sapphire blue, I loved it.

This is my DD's henna at the end of the night ... the beautiful dark textured colour comes off as well as the glitter and then you are left with the "tattoo" marks left by the henna.

omg, when did my hands get so wrinkly looking!!!
And this is what mine looks like today ... still loving it!

Now without further procrastination, click on the Jenny button below and visit some other Promising P Posts!

Jenny Matlock


Anonymous said...

love your P share
love that henna!!!
how long does it last?

21 Wits said...

Time? Oh boy do I know that feeling. Your henna creation is absolutely over the top of just stunning. I like the ring highlighted there too, is that just a green stone or a real ring too. Either way it's great. Oh and I have always been a fan (even think I once mentioned this here) of your blog look, the background, font the whole nine yards.

VBR said...

Procrastination! What a great word. Kind of gives an offical sounding name to explain why we didn't do what we should have (because we were secretly doing what we wanted, needed and deserved to do!) Beautiful henna tattoo.

Jen said...

Oh too...procrastination gets me in trouble too.
That tattoo is fun. I love that you can enjoy it for a while...but it doesn't stay forever.

Izzy said...

I think we all procrastinate in some're not alone! Love the Henna tattoo :)

Elise Ann Wormuth said...

Oh boy, do I procrastinate -- I too have a basket of ironing that's been hanging around in the bedroom for, oh, two weeks now?

Thanks for stopping by my blog -- I'm following you now, because I find your blog very interesting!

Gattina said...

What a nice word ! suits me too, although I am retired and have a lot of time, lol !

storybeader said...

I've never heard of a henna - that's how much I know! No kids, I guess... I procrastinate about household chores. I think that's about it... {:-D

The Poet said...

Being of Indian descent, I am well aware of Henna. It's what Indian brides usually have done before their wedding. It's beautiful & can sometimes take hours to complete.
Nice post.
Thanks also for following me in Linky. If you look closely, you'll see me smiling back in yours (lol). Hope you'll stop by again soon.

The Painting And The Poet

Judie said...

Jo, I am sooooo procrastinating right now! We have a show opening in April and I just cannot seem to get myself going, AND I AM IN CHARGE!

Love the henna! I wish I were brave enough to try it. You're my hero!!!!!

Cheryl said...

I almost joined this week but was too busy working to write something about my two Ps: Procrastination & Piling. It's a family thing.

Any flat surface must not be left clear, put something on it, keep adding to pile until it wobbles, start a new pile. When the piles get too unruly, stop procrastinating and clean up the mess.

Repeat as necessary for the rest of your earthly days. It's worked for generations. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

anitamombanita said...


anitamombanita said...


Lola said...

Bit late this week visiting from Mrs Matlock’s,

Did enjoy your *P* post – so apt!

Look forward to *seeing* you again soon!

Donna Heber said...

Hi Jo,

Thank you for stopping to visit me. I have never had a henna, but it looks like fun! Very pretty.

Lynn Stevens said...

I've always wanted to have a henna tattoo, so beautiful and must have been fun watching the artist do it!
hugs Lynn

Kathy said...

Beautiful hennas! That's cool that they add glitter to the design before it's washed off. Love how they turned out!

If you ever figure out an easy way to put an end to Procrastination, will you please let me know. It loves to visit me!

laterg8r said...

love the henna - so cool :D

Jenny said...

Ooooh...that is really neat.

I never knew henna was puffy like that when they applied it!

It looks neat with that nail color, too!

You are quite a snazzy lady...

Thanks for letting us hang out with cool you!