Monday, September 5, 2011

Saturday Centus ~ The Pizza

okay, time for Saturday Centus ... or in this case ... Monday Centus???   okay so i am a few days late, but technically i have almost the week to submit ... to I'm really still on time ... kind of ...

So this week, 100 words plus the prompt words for a total of 107 words ... I managed to clock in at 106 but only after some serious editing ... geez, this one was almost a small novel ... well very very small ... perhaps minuscule ... here we go:

“Your leaving me” he asked, “Seriously Julia you are not going to get anyone else who is as good as me, In fact you might never meet someone again”

“No Steve, I’m not leaving you … those aren’t my suitcases by the door, they’re yours!  And I want you out of my apartment tonight, Gawd I am so done with this.”

“Really Julia?  You are far to needy to be alone, and who else is going to want to put up the daily drama that is you?” He tossed his case onto the chair and strode over to the counter “What kind of pizza is this?”

Whew ... drama central right???  I sure didn't expect that to come from the prompt ... I'm off to read the other centus submissions, there is always some great reading ... grab a coffee, click the Jenny button and join me!!!

Jenny Matlock


Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Way to stay focused on the situation at hand-lol!

Judie said...

Hahahaha! You did it brilliantly! Men can certainly be arrogant pigs sometimes, can't they? Kick him out, I say!!! And eat all that pizza yourself!!! said...

Great, tense moment. It leaves me wondering about their relationships. Of course, I'm inclined to side with Julia but I wonder if Steve's got a point. That is, I want more!
Great job, Jo!

Ames said...

I tell you what I'd do...I'd march over to that pizza, open the door, sling it out and tell him's pizza to go!~Ames

Cheryl said...


BECKY said...

Way to go! Kick his butt out! But you were much too nice to pack his clothes, instead of just throwing them out the window! LOL

Bethe77 said...

WOW! I found tha tmust interesting! I think you did extremely well. Who knows where a pizza is goign to take us. Yu to freedom!

Wanderer said...

Haha! Good one! It's amazing where a pizza can take us! Good story!

Karen S. said...

Oops! I can bet he didn't see that coming! Very cool twist!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

The kind I eat by myself! Good story, and just like a man, whose being kicked out, to zero in on the food and not believe a word you're telling him. laurie

Lynn Stevens said...

Was waiting to hear if it was Julia Childs? hummmmm ? pizza tonight sounds good!
hugs Lynn

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Jo,
Thanks so much for coming to visit!!! I'm so happy you got to see my new club! I sure wish I could eat pizza, and oh gosh, drama central? I think that is my address! LOL

Anna said...

I love this prompt. There is a lot of family-dramas that can be explored using it.

Best wishes,
Sanna trys an L-p-pizza for SC wk 70

Anonymous said...

Hey Jo...funny drama though!
I posted about the lovely gift you made me.Thanks again.

skoots1mom said...

pizzas bring back lots of memories...and drama!

Sue C said...

Ha! Great story!!!

I love that she was empowered enough to pack HIS stuff up and get him out of there!

Jenny said...

Wow. This was good.

At first I was disturbed that you had somehow captured a conversation so clearly between my ex-husband and I...and then I was fiction.


That was a close one!

This was truly believable. Sad but true for so many of us who buy into the whole 'we are worthless' control thing.

Thanks for sharing this Miss Jo.

I love the way you write.