Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saturday Centus - The Review

This week Jenny has given us one heck of a challenge.  We must “review” either our own or someone else’s entry from last week … a reviewer I am not … so I think I will tackle my own from last week …A big thank you to some wonderful centus friends who encouraged me to try this assignment.  Oh, and i didn't cheat this week, it's at 100 words on the nose!

Last weeks story
 April showers bring May flowers... April showers bring May flowers... April showers bring May flowers...

The refrain keeps running through her mind … erie echoing childish voices coming from above. Captive in a place that is so dark it’s as if the sun has never reached it. … at times burrowing sounds fill the dark air … “they don’t even know that I am alive … they don’t know that I am right here …”   She tries to move … to wriggle free, but she is stuck … long weighty roots tying her firmly to the dark earth …  she tries to lift her head ... 

April showers bring May flowers... April showers bring May flowers... April showers bring May flowers...

The review 
In “The refrain” the author writes from a surprising point of view and intentionally misleads the reader.  The story begins innocently enough with a familiar refrain running through the main character’s mind. The stage is then set in a manner that allows the reader to wander into a dark and mysterious world that leaves us begging to know who “she” is and why she is in such a dark predicament.   The ending to this story is so unexpected that it left this reviewer wondering about the author’s state of mind. This work is clearly the stuff dreams are made of.

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Jenny Matlock


Judie said...

The Review? OMG! Your title is as bland as mine is.

You did, however, do an excellent job at reviewing this most interesting post. Brava!! Now you can go rest your brain. Don't you feel better now.
Best regards from

Lynn Stevens said...

hahaha, I never wonder about this artists state of mind! great review and fits it to a tee.

hugs Lynn

Ames said...

Rest easy, you made it through what some of the others felt they just couldn't do. See what you can do when you at least try? And it wasn't that hard. Good job!~Ames

Izzy said...

Great review of last weeks story.

Nonna Beach said...

Very good review ! Valid points and insightful take on the material being reviewed !

Sue said...

This was a neat Centus, and your review did it justice.


Anna said...

Did you review your own text from last week? I think that that would have been hard to do. But you did alright.

I am behind in my SC-texts and have combined three : week 48, 49 & 50.

Best wishes,
Anna's SC-48-49-50

cj Schlottman said...


You did this piece great justice, and your review reads very smoothly. I was too chicken to write a review. Maybe I will screw up the courage before the day is over.


Jenny said...

Loved this!

Loved that you rose to the challenge.

It wasn't an easy thing to do, but you made it seem effortless!

My favorite thing about this week has been re-reading the previous stories through someone elses filters.

Really, really well done!