Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday Centus ~ The Conversation

Once again joining Jenny Matlock and her crew over at Saturday Centus.  The bolded sentence is the prompt we are given to work with ... the rest is mine ... and i just squeaked in at 100 words precisely this week.  This week i learned the value of a contraction .... tee he he

"What was he thinking? OMG! Elves are soooo 2009..."

“Yeah, like when’s Santa going to stop dragging us through the dark ages” squeaked the rabbit … “we’ve all worked so hard at ditching the whole “fairy tale” thing … and then there’s that whole chimney thing … creepy.”

“Oh I hear you Bunny”  … I don’t visit kids at night anymore … I mean seriously if you get caught by Mom  while you are in their kiddies bedroom rummaging for their newly lost tooth they get all up in your grill.   Now I simply IM and transfer funds to the kiddies bank … so 2010 and so not creepy”

Okay, I am off to read all of the other entries ... try and join us if you can!

Jenny Matlock

17 comments: said...

This is very cute and entertaining. I especially like "they get all up in your grill."

gautami tripathy said...

Transfer funds...I loved that!

dead man and his bottle of wine

Teresa said...

It's so nice to see these fantasy characters know how to keep up with the times!

Well done.

Bookie said...

Such modern thinking Bunnies and such....

Sue said...

These are some pretty hipster elves!



Deborah said...

Clever and funny, I loved it!

Cheryl said...

Very clever use of the prompt, Ms. Jo. You win!

Judie said...

Jo, this is great! When I lose my teeth I want the tooth fairy to just "transfer funds."

Viki said...

Wow, this was so clever and creative. How did you do that LOL?
Great take on the prompt.

faith said...

Aw, so sad to see the old ways give way to new. :) Great job!

Koby said...

Very creative... :-)

Anonymous said...

Straight to the bank - good idea :)

cj Schlottman said...

Jo, This is charming! What a great twist to leave the elves out altogether and bring in the bunnies.

I love it..........cj

Anna said...

This is not only a cute SC text, but for me very timely. My children are in the process of loosing their baby teeth and this past week the issue of whether or not Santa Claus really exists has been a 'hot potato'.
I may have to write a blog post about it. (I am exhausted!)
Your SC is excellent!
Best wishes,
Anna's SC#33

Anna said...

Forgive me for forgetting to thank you for your kind words on my SC-post.

You really have a good ear for dialog. I just love your SC-conversation between the Easter Bunny and the Tooth-Faery.

My six year old daughter, Elisabet, is afraid that she might swallow one of her baby teeth and not be able to get her monitary reward from the Tooth-Faery. I have promised to write an expalanitory letter to the tooth-faery, if that should happen.

'But what if the Tooth-Faery cannot read?' she asks.'Then you will have to draw little pictures of a tooth inside my tummy.'is her solution.

All of these characters that we, as adults, laugh at, are deadly serious issues, if you are six years old and still believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Faery and the Easter Bunny.

This is my world right now!
Best wishes,

Jenny said...

I love this! Such cute and whimsical conversations and such a clever interpretation of a very difficult prompt.

I love seeing where you take us with these perfect little stories of only 100 words.

You are a master for sure!

Thank you for linking.

Tina said...

Giggling. That was awesome!