Friday, August 20, 2010

What would you do???

Oh i just love back to school shopping ... in my case it's all vicarious .... it's daughter's back to college shopping ... but look what she came home with!!!

Okay, I know ... it's a paper bag ... and you are thinking "so not wow, so not exciting, it's just a bag"

and over here, yeah ... me ... I'm thinking this bag just saved me!!! I have been in this creative slump for a bit ... i think a lot of it was hot weather driven ... not wanting to sit and sweat while creating ... but it was a lull ... a long one ...

and now looking at this bag, my new muse ... I am totally inspired! I'm thinking titles .... what i can make out of those letters and numbers ... i'm thinking embellishments, i'm thinking flowers, i'm thinking retro, vintage, grunge, paint, glimmer mist, and what those handles will look like once i untwist them ...

Now in all honesty daughter came back with more than a bag, she came back with jeans and stuff in the bag ... i wonder if i walked into AE if they would give this enthusiastic wannabe artist a bag sans purchase??? i think i need at least one more ...

So dear readers ... i know what i will be doing with this bag ... what would you do??? And what's sparking your creative vibe these days???

Peace Love & Paper ~ Jo


Lynn Stevens said...

I think I'd print off some of it on fabric first, then work with that, ummm Lots of ideas! have fun creating!

laterg8r said...

i'd make flowers and definitely use the handles as vines or a banner :D

love the things that inspire :D

Unknown said...

How funny! I would make it 2 pictures with black frames for my teenage daughter...If it goes with her room decor...Actually it could go anywhere...the colors are pretty neutral :)
Thank you for your compliments...Coming from you it is a great compliment :)
Happy Week end :)