Wednesday, July 14, 2010

email me!

well guess what i did? ... or maybe it's what i didnt do .... but i lost my address book ... yes it's gone, gone, gone .... somewhere out there in cyberspace my little addy book is blowing in the wind ... so please .... i mean pretty please ... send me an email ... just click the email button ... I need to add you all back into my address book and i dont have your address's ... oh the new computer AMAZING!!!! My ISP .... once again, so horrible ...oh and they "don't support" imac ... so i'm thinking of switching to someone that does.


hayleycreates said...

Done like dinner.

Sue said...

Jo, there is a way to reset your computer to a date before you lost the info I think. Have you tried that? No don;t ask me how..ask someone who knows..LOL

Meanwhile I will e-mail you my info :-)