Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dancing in the Streets!

Yeah ... the Olympics are here ... the world is here ... so much to be happy about ... and yet so many sad and bewildering and discouraging things as well. Like the weather ... I know the current nick name is the "rain" olympics ... but i prefer to call it the "spring" olympics, the tragic death of a young athelete just before the games start (RIP young angel) and of course the riots by a group of little troublemakers posing as peaceful protesters ... such a total discredit to their parents & families ...

On the good news front ... The Olympics are here!!! it is exciting ... it is interesting ... it is thrilling ... and it's just fun to see the city celebrated! It's also Valentines day and Chinese New Year!!! It is goodness all around!!! My daughter spend a couple of days learning the choreography and participated in the Imagine 1 Day's Dancing in the Streets flashmob ... now this is the kind of mob you want to see at the Olympics .... no trouble here, just a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of dancing! Check it out here !!!
Happy Valentines day all,
Gung hay fat choy! and have a lovely week!
ps, a little mini book and card for my DD on Valentines day!


laterg8r said...

wonderful mini :D

going to go check out her dancing right now :D

ScrappeeDiane said...

Love the card and mini album. Have a great week too :o)

hayleycreates said...

Now that mini is mindorable! I love minis!!