Monday, October 22, 2012

K493 and the Halloween Matchbox swap

So what is K493?  other than a boarding school in Brooklyn? (googled it) ... It is a new apple ... one that has yet to be named ... hence the K493 ... and one that I was lucky enough to receive from my parents.

This beauty is naturally sweet, yet it has a tartness to it as well ... it's flesh is crisp and firm, just biting into a fresh one is pure joy!

It is supposed to last long in storage ... don't know if that is true or not because they are so good you cant help but eat them up!!!

I turned most of mine into delicious apple sauce ... just cooked apples and cinnamon, no sweetner required when using this apple ... I cant wait to see it next year when it should have it's real name!

And remember that Halloween Matchbox swap I participated in ...  I received an absolutely fabulous box of goodies from my swap partner Cindy! (no blog)'s what she sent me ...

 When my parcel arrived it was totally decorated on all sides ... even the bottom!  It was a shame to rip into it ... but I did!
This piece was fabulous, (but hard to photograph) A hand made cat with costume & pumpkin in a shadow box with a huge gothic looking frame on the top!  
 A collaged block and box and lots of little goodies to play with!
 This cute little ornament with fibres attached to it
 This is the top of the little box, and inside was this hand painted bag!

 Fab Halloween socks!
 Wonderful pendants ... gorgeously made!!!
 and the matchbox ... so much detail ... a stick broom ... pumpkin paper ... and hand made witches boots!

 from this view you can see the inside of the box and the hand made witch's had at the end of the box ... everything that the fashionable witch needs!

Thank you so so much for stopping by ... Peace and Love to you!  

and remember ... an apple a day ....


Jenny said...

The apple name isn't too romantic but it sounds delicious!

I keep seeing all kinds of new varieties at the produce stand!

What a cute swap! You must be still grinning over this wonderul box!

Lynn Stevens said...

Isn't it just the best to receive mail at this time of year. Always such fun treats!!!
the apples look delish
hugs Lynn

Melinda Cornish said...

those apples sound just yummy! love all the goodies too. I still have never done a matchbox either! I sure admire them though. How are you doing?