Monday, June 20, 2011

Saturday Centus ~ The Beast

I had a huge garage sale on Saturday ... sadly it poured buckets of rain, so it wasn't that successful, and after sitting in a cold damp garage all day, i seem to have come down with a very nasty cold ...  So that's the reason my Saturday Centus is happening on a monday, and seriously, this excuse is way better than the whole "my dog ate my homework" excuse that I was originally going for ...

We are back down to using only 100 words plus the prompt, so here is my take on the prompt, "within the stone".  And this week we had a guest prompter ... (yeah that does sound weird) Jeff, of Tennessee Mudbug.   This story started out with an angel ... but about 300 words later i decided it was going to be way too long, and i have shelved it as a work in progress ... so here is my take ...

Within the stone lies the mythical beast.  A creature capable of inciting fear and awe in to so many …  yet it lies in wait patiently, neither rearing its head or pacing …it rests unmoving, unheard and unseen.  Days go by and then years and yet still more years.  Decades come and go and and beast remains silent and still. Finally, centuries later,  with the crack of a mallet onto a carbide chisel it is awakened within the eyes of its creator.  

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Jenny Matlock


Izzy said...

Sorry it rained at your garage sale and you've got a nasty cold! Take care of yourself ;)
Great Saturday Centus - you've got imagining all sorts of mythical beasts in my mind.

Cheryl said...

Nicely done, Jo.

Feel better soon. Hope it's sunny up there today.

cj Schlottman said...

Jo, This is so intriguing! The flow of your words is wonderful, and your imagination has been testing mine!

I really like this passage:
"…it rests unmoving, unheard and unseen. Days go by and then years and yet still more years."


Lynn Stevens said...

Jo, so sorry to hear it rained on your Garage sale and even more sorry to hear you caught a cold. Feel better soon.

No on to your story, Sounds a bit scary, does his happen sometime in Dec 2012 ? Lets hope not!
hugs Lynn

Judie said...

Your tale of the beast is wonderful! great take on the prompt!

I have given up on garage sales. Now everything goes to Good Will, or as my oldest son used to call it, "Uncle Will."

Jenny said...

Darn! So sorry on your dismal day and sale! My husband and I go to them every Saturday to find things to paint on. I would totally have bought stuff from you!

I liked the mystical quality of this writing. It reminded me of a book I had has a child with with gorgeous pen and ink illustrations of dragons and enchanted forests.

You have such a wonderful ability to tell a tale beautifully.

Nonna Beach said...

Outstanding job !

You have a real knack for fantasy writing, drawing us in and then giving us a story with real meaning to ponder and wanting so much more !