Sunday, November 29, 2009

I got this!!! I made this!!!

Well lookie here at what I got!!! Thanks Kathy, that is oh so sweet of you to send me an award!!!

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1. hmmm ... somedays i think i am totally uninteresting
2. The first book i ever received as a gift was the bible ... i still have it, and the smell of it (leather bound) and the feel of the really fine pages always remind me of being a small child, sitting in a pew on a sunday morning, dressed in my best, and watching the shine on my patten leather shoes as i swing my feet back and forth.
3. I love licorice ... the saltier the better ...
4. I love carousels ... I wish i had the money to collect real vintage carousel horses
5. I'm still longing for a pony ... all my friends had them when i was growing up
6. I love looking for beauty amongst the dirt and industry and grime ...
7. I am a project runway junkie ... and yes, i do know i could find out who won if i googled it but i dont want to know ... we are a few (sarcasm) episodes behind the states on this show ... i cant beleive i can take a day to do a page and on PR in a day they can dream up and execute and entire look/garment!

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As usual i seem to be the last one in my group to notice my award and everyone else has been sent this love award ...

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I made this cute little wreath ... tres easy! I got the idea from Carries blog and she got the idea from the Fancy Pants blog.
I changed it up a bit ... I didn't have a floral foam wreath so instead i used a white styro wreath ... i covered the wreath with wide green ribbon first.
I used last years Basic Grey Wassil line (loved that line of papers and i still have tons). This line of paper was printed on some heavy paper, it is quite thick and therefore a whole lot less pliable. My test flowers were done on a lighter weight paper and i made them exactly as shown on the FP blog, but with the weight of the BG papers, i just made the large flowers and because they wouldn't move as much i used 8 petals instead of the 6 shown on the FP and Carries blogs. But it still looks okay ... i hope ... It is hanging on the door at Pick of the Patch if you want to take a look irl.


laterg8r said...

oh jo, i loooooove how your wreath turned out - super duper gorgeous :D

Shelley said...

I saw the wreath at the store yesterday and it is even better in person!

Izzy said...

Love the wreath! thanks for bringing it to the store ;)

ScrappeeDiane said...

Love the wreath, that is so beautiful. Lots of fun learning new facts about you.