Friday, August 14, 2009

15 random things ...

I was tagged by Carrie and this one is easy ... just write 15 random things about me ... hmmmm this is going to be scary ... and time consuming ... and well scary ...

1. I live within walking distance of my family's first home ...
2. I love singing, i just can't sing
3. My favourite occupation was being a florist ... loved it!
4. I hate having my face touched
5. Sometimes I talk to dead people
6. I redid this tag 4 times (make that 5) before i decided to click "Publish Post"
7. I miss my bff from when I was a teen and think of him almost every day (wow i sound kinda pathetic)
9. Deep water terrifies me
10. I also fear fire
11. Took a brief 3 day forensic dental session, saw the pictures and developed the above two fears
12. I have a medal from the Canadian Government
13. ...and a plaque but it's not up on the wall .... yet
14 I deleted # 8.
15. My anxiety is through the roof now .... eeeeeks!

Now i am feeling totally uncomfortable about posting all of this .... but that's just me ... i'm not big on revealing a whole lot ...

I'm tagging Sue F, Lois, Rae & Sue D ... and Sue R ... consider yourself tagged, so start your blog and get posting your 15 girl!!!
Next time I want an easier tag game!


Izzy said...

LOL you are just too funny! I want to know what #8 is!!!

Lois aka katesmum said...

so what is #8 so maybe I can answer it!!

Sue C said...

You are wonderful Jo! If I want a smile, I come to your blog.

And I promise not to touch your face.