Sunday, May 24, 2009

since the 16th ~ part 2

Erica, of course you got it, you are like the google search queen!!! A rak will be on your shelf at the Patch! And the Mangosteen ... kind of a subtle, soft, sweet but not sweet kinda taste and the purple exterior ... you need a real good knife to get through it.

A little slice of my life ... again, in no particular order ... but it's all been good!

Seriously ... who can scrap in this mess? and when am I ever going to finish organizing my space???

A travelling art show ... or ... rain on a train ...

H rocking the Monkey blanket at Liquidation World. (the things we do ...)

Fence art in Fort Langley ... a quilt shop used to be here ... it's gone the way of the dodo ...

Crazy is as Crazy does ... Pam & Sandra ... Hey girls ... you craft awaits!

And thats about it for me ... hopefully i can get back to some regular posting soon! Thanks for stopping by!


RAE said...

Hope you get your scrap area organized soon so you can get some serious crafting done! Love the photo of the girls being silly LOL

Sue C said...

Love the photos Jo!

Kathy said...

Love the photos Jo! Know you're working on organizing your scrap space and looking forward to seeing your new space. Pam and Sandra and your girl look like they're having fun!