Sunday, April 26, 2009

baggies and travels and its all good!

last wednesday, after closing up shop after a crop, in the parking lot, in the dark ... Erica "pst, Jo ... do you like to bake?" "Uh ... yeah Erica, i do" ... "want some of this? ... it's good?" she reaches into her car and pulls out a baggie of white stuff ... okay, seriously ... its a large baggie and the white stuff is liquidy ... it's a bag full of Amish Friendship Bread starter ... "Erica ... do you always keep that stuff in your car?" (laughing) ...
So anyways .... It's on Day 6 today ... I need to divy it up on day 10 and hand it out to 2 people ... let me know if you want some and we can meet up.
and Erica says it is really yummy ... so i cant wait to bake it up.

And here's my album from my cropping cruise ... yeah, the one that I didn't get to go on ... but Flat Jo got to go!!!!
Dearest friend Izzy, whipped up flat jo, two pictures of me (front and back) made of fabric (she used iron on transfers) and stuffed with kleenex (reminds me of puberty ... lol) and she took me on the cruise ... and i went everywhere and had a great time!!! So when she got home she made me this most darling album, filled with pages about my trip. This has got to be one of the most thoughtfull prezzies I have ever received, I just ADORE it!!! Thanks so much Izzy, you know i just love this album, and seriously, i still think you should submit it. So, here's a few pages ... great photos Izzy!!!

The real "Flat Jo" and the album!

Flat Jo getting ready to leave ... and hanging out at the airport!

Flat Jo chilling!!!

And here's a sneak peak of a little class I'm working on ... a special little project for little secrets .. complete with a hiding spot for something special! and loads of techniques on this one so i cant wait to run with it!

Thanks for stopping by! :)


Susan said... the mini-album, sign me up for that class!! I'd love part of your friendship bread starter, we are carb lovers here :)

Izzy said...

That friendship bread is awesome and the best part is.... if you get too much of the stuff it freezes really well!
I hope you are saving up all your pennies to come on the next cruise with me.... IRL! I had fun making the album, I'm glad you like it ;)

RAE said...

I've had the Amish Friendship bread before and it makes yummy cake loaves and breads...delish! Your upcoming album class looks great.

Kathy said...

I just love your album Jo! I laughed so hard when I saw all the pictures of you enjoying your cruise on Izzy's blog. What a great friend!

Your class looks like fun! Love your handmade flowers and that cute little birdie!