Monday, May 17, 2010

Friday ... the Good, the Bad and the Ugly ... really Ugly

The Good
I had a blog makeover!!! I love it to bits!!! I decided it was time to pretty up my blog space and make it more representative of what i like and who i am ... so i turned to Karen Valentine ... and OMG she did not disappoint ... she amazed me with her create something that love out of a my vague, jumbled & convoluted description of what i was thinking of ... If you are thinking of a blog makeover I recommend her 100% ... she is sweet & so easy to convo ... she is also really quick! check her out at Valentine Design and if you have time, check out her other blog ... she is an amazing mixed media artist and her blogs are just so pretty.

The Good part II
It's here! It's here!!!
Yes, that gorgeous little cake that i won on Cassandra VanCuren's blog ... and not only did she send the cake, she sent me a little cupcake as well ... which of course darling daughter has claimed as hers ... bake to the cake, nestled inside were some beautiful little flowers and buttons, that i cant wait to use on a project. Thanks so much again Cassandra ... I feel so special receiving your art!
The Bad
I made myself a cute little 9 drawer chest for the top of my scrap desk ... anyways dd decided that she must have one ... no problem I say, just let me hunt it down again ... so i phone a not so local scrap store and they have it ... i called them because i have their 40% cupon in my hot little hands. They had it in stock, and i knew they got it in about 2 weeks ago because i get their shop emails. So i ask if they will hold one for me and i will be out in about 2 hours ... of course they say yes ... so i take the dog to the vet, and finish a couple of small errands and then race out to Langley, a town that is about 30 minutes away ... i race into the store, pick out a couple of cute little dodads and claim my box ... when i present my 40% off cupon they deny it ... why I ask... well they don't allow the use of cupons on held items. Seriously ... i can see that if a customer has something on hold for a couple of days and waited for a sale/cupon to come in and claim it, but the sale/cupon was already on when i called, and as i explained to them, i'm about 3 cities away by the freeway and only had it held so i didnt make the trek in vain ... and it was only 2 hours ... and their reply to me was baisically ... "so what" ... wow, what bad form ... I was totally unimpressed with their lack of flexibility and understanding, as well as their customer service ... so ... I have a $5.00 credit at the store, which i might use getting some new glitter next week ... other than that ... I won't be back ...

The Ugly .... really ugly
So Darling Daughter is out for the night, afterall it was friday night ... and i am on my own for dinner ... so i thought i would make a totally simple dinner ... a few slices of Canadian back bacon (cuz it has very little fat), scrambled eggs and some toast ... a no brainer right??? ... well not for Kalamity Jo ... i burnt the toast ... and i didnt just burn it, i burned it black and smoking and hard and horrible ... and because i am trying my best to be thrifty i actually ate it ... with my brand new "light" margarine that doesnt melt on toast ... it just kindof hangs on to the toast in moist clumps ... yup .... it was truly ugly

Luckily ... the rest of the evening was beautiful ... just like the beginning of the day! Have a beautiful day ... and thanks for stopping by my newly gorgeous blog!!!


Sue said...

so i would have can put it back on the shelf..and then I would have gone to the shelf and taken it and used my coupon...thats so frustrating!!!

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

I enjoyed reading about your dinner. I believe I've had the very same thing, done the very same way, a time or two.

Your blog looks FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

And it's soothing colors to boot!

Izzy said...

Great new look! and it sounds like it was an action packed Friday for you...

hayleycreates said...

I love the look of your blog and will have a look at the designer per your recommendation. Those cakes are soooooooooo cute.
I can not believe how totally ridiculous that policy was to not allow your 40% off coupon. What a joke. You should write a letter. Seriously.
PS. You Rock the party.

Sue C said...

Oh Jo!
What an up and down day - I am glad it ended on a good note.

Your blog is Gorgeous!!!

laterg8r said...

i loooove the blog makeover, it's totally you :D

Lynn Stevens said...

Wow, Can't believe the store pulled that one. Yep would have said fine don't want it walked out then walked right back in with my coupon!
The cupcakes look great and even more special with goodies tucked inside!

paige said...

Now I want a cupcake. :(

Vicki/Jake said...

Good Bad Ugly and Fabulous! Love your new look too...think I'll need to come back again (o: